The MCI Mortgage Club can now offer its members a secured loan referral service through a partnership with Fluent Money.

This is MCI’s first foray into the second load market, giving its members even more choice of loan options for their clients.

Fluent is one of the largest secured loan brokers in the UK and has full market access through its wide range of loans as well as access to exclusive products.
MCI members will be able to contact the dedicated partner development team and Fluent marketing department and will have their own dedicated field account manager.
As a technology-driven distributor, Fluent’s lending solutions include sourcing and case tracking systems for brokers and a smartphone app for clients. The app is easy to use and allows clients and brokers to follow the case through to completion.

Fluent’s technology enables electronic identity verification, so there is no need to send paper documents to prove identification, saving processing time and avoiding the risk of loss of important documents.

Melanie Spencer, Head of MCI Mortgage Club, said: “With technology being at the heart of MCI, it made perfect sense for us to partner with a technology-driven secured loan provider as we take our first steps into the second. charging sector.
“Personally, I think there will be a greater demand for secured loans in the future, especially if people’s circumstances have changed due to the impact of Covid. A secured loan can often be a better option than remortgage or taking an additional advance on the first mortgage.

Jeff Davidson of Fluent Money said, “We are delighted to partner with the MCI Mortgage Club and are very confident that we can offer their members a choice of the best solutions, which will meet their borrowing needs, especially in today’s climate. . .

“We firmly believe that our investment in technology, innovation, compliance and our people will be the key to a successful relationship.

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